This section is kind of under construction. I don't have a strategy guide to Outlaws, and I've looked all over the internet for level secrets, like where there are weapon/ammo/item stashes, etc. I do, however, have some easter eggs available. Easter eggs are things that you find by yourself in programs/games that are of another nature - like finding a huge picture of the development crew in Microsoft Flight Simulator 95 by slowly moving into a certain building.

Note: If you know/have all the level secrets, please e-mail me!

Level Secrets (coming soon)
Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs
Here you go, have fun!

"Max" from Lucas Arts' Sam & Max Hit The Road
1. Go to Historical Missions 
2. Get enough points to become a deputy. 
3. Go to the deputy outhouse on the Marshal Training level, and press the switch. 
4. Kill all the bad guys and then check the map. 
5. A secret tunnel is now shown, go to the end of the tunnel. 
6. Open the middle "drape" and you'll see Max in western gear! 
7. The other two doors contain a screwy squrriel and the glasses wearing dog. 
Note: These critters can hurt you! 

"Indiana Jones" Lost Idol
1. Go to Historical Missions
2. Shoot the Bloody Mary poster 
3. Jump up onto the wooden structure at the start 
4. Press the discoloured crate in the wall 
5. Keep pressing it until it has moved back enough for you to fit behind 
6. Go through the newly opened tunnel 
7. Kill all the spiders 
8. Pick up the idol at the far end of the chamber 
A message will say: 'Throw me the idol and I'll throw you the wheep!' (from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Deadly Poodle Wearing Sunglasses
1. Go to Historic Missions
2. Shoot the Sanchez poster
3. When you get onto the outer wall walkways, go along the walkway near the
horse stable and look at the cliffs ahead of you. Use your rifle scope to get a better view of this rabid bastard.
4. There is the poodle in sunglasses. Shoot it and see what happens.
(don't worry, nothing inhumane or gory)

Aliens and Cow Experiment
1. Go to thefirst level (main game) 
2. Type in OLPOSTAL to get all the weapons. 
3. Go to the outhouse - it has a door with a crescent moon on it.
4. Blow up the toilet with some dynamite
5. Enter toilet and follow path along
6. Walk around the UFO and open a small panel 
*shudder* aliens...

1. Choose Civil War in Historical Missions. 
2. In the second part of the mission, go into the building 
3. with the big metal door by using fly mode(type olairhead)
4. Go in the building. Inside there are 2 
windows. Break the one on the right and climb in. 
5. Behind the desk is a small door.Enter the door and 
run down the path.
6. At the end is a cross between a human and a velociraptor.
Shoot him and another guy nearby and explore the place. 
You will find freaks such as a dog with shades, a stegasaurus,
and an evil squirrel. If you go in the pond you 
will find spiders at the bottom.

Shootin' Max
1. Go to the "Historical Missions" and choose the "Dynamite Dick" level (it's the one that starts out in the canyon and ends up in a town). 
2. Get all the keys to finish the level or use cheat codes to get keys or fly (oljackpot or olairhead) 
3. The last area is behind the big red fence. Fly over it or use keys to slide door open...whichever. 
4. Go into building directly in front of you. 
5. Once inside you will see a bar, some stairs, and a big green table in the middle of the room. 
6. Crouch down behind the bar and you will find a big red button... press it! You will hear a door open. 
7. The door is under the stilts that support the upstairs area. Go through the secret door and down the steps. You will see nine large crates and a silver badge spinning around. 
8. The SECOND crate on your LEFT is the only one that will move when you push on it. Push it all the way back and you will find a bottle of elixer, a shotgun, and some shells. 
9. Since you can't press the crate any further, look behind you or face the crate that is to the right of the direction you pushed the first crate. Push this crate a few times and you will find the rabbit-dude with guns. 
10. The rabbit-guy will start laughing and will shoot at you. He CAN kill you. Shoot him many times and listen to what he says before he stops completely. Enjoy!

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