What is "Outlaws"?
Outlaws is a first-person shooter/adventure game with a western/cowboy theme, made by Lucas Arts. It was released in 1997 spanning 2 cd's. The story is as follows:

(from the manual)
"The Old West was a dangerous place, but it was even more so if you had to deal with outlaws. Our hero, Marshal James Anderson, doesn't have a lot of choice... they've burned down his home and attacked his family. If he wants to get his daughter back, he's got to go after her, and there's a whole passel of desperados in the way. He's going to need courage, perseverance, quick wits, and a lot of ammunition. Have you got the true grit you'll need to join him on the Payback Trail?"


  • Three Game Variations: Spaghetti Western Shooter, Bounty Hunter Action, & Multiplayer Shootouts
  • Multiplayer Games: Supports 2 - 8 players over modem, network, or internet. Form your own gang and hit the trail.
  • INSANE® graphics engine - similiar to Duke Nukem's BUILD engine (somewhat 3D)
  • Hand drawn animated movies that bring level progression together into the main story
  • 3DFx support (if you have a 3DFx compatible card)
  • Combines first-person Gun Slinging Action and Wild West Adventure in one game.
  • Single or multiplayer gameplay over modem, Internet, LAN (Local Area Network) or serial connect.
  • Highly stylized characters with distinct personalities and weapons. 
  • Original CD-Digital soundtrack and custom-designed sound effects. 
  • 3D Sound emulated & with hardware support to provide realistic sound environments.
  • Scaleable difficulty for novice to advanced.
  • Scaleable gameplay for low to high end machines.
  • Realistic 3D environments incorporating sloped surfaces and rooms-over-rooms.
  • Simulated "real-world" physics models on both land and in the water.
  • Translucent smoke and glass effects.
  • Gameplay involving puzzle solving to tease the mind as well as the trigger finger
System Requirements (minimum)
Operating system: Windows 95 or later required
CPU: Pentium 60 or faster
Memory: 16MB RAM
CD-ROM: 2x, 4x+ recommended
Graphics card: SVGA graphics card required
Sound card: 16 bit
Input device(s): Keyboard, mouse - joysticks supported
Direct X: CD includes necessary drivers

Multiplayer Information
Requirements: Pentium 90 or faster

Local Area Network Play (LAN): Supports up to 8 players via IPX or TCP/IP LAN
Internet Play: Supports up to 4 players via 28.8kbps or faster connection to internet
Modem-to-Modem Play: Supports 2 players via 14.4 kbps or faster
Direct Serial Play: Supports 2 players via null modem cables

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