I've read that Outlaws is the first Lucas Arts game to feature multiplayer gameplay, and I'm sure many are happy they included this in the game. I've played a couple one-on-one's on The Zone (Microsoft) and it's pretty fun (despite the fact I lost 3 out of 4 times).

You can find me on Microsoft's Zone as: wisecr0w

This section will basically cover the different ways you can get into the multiplayer action, and we'll also review some multiplayer strategies. I myself am not yet deeply experienced with the various mediums of multiplayer play (i.e. LAN, serial play, etc) and because of this I cannot offer intuitive guides on each way of playing against other people. This may change in the future, but for now, I'll cover the basics.
Besides, you can always look at the Outlaws manual and/or visit the official Outlaws site.

Multiplayer Sections
-What Outlaws Supports
-Online Hosts

What Outlaws supports:

  • IPX (LAN)
IPX is the network protocol (instructions) used most commonly on a Local Area Netowrk (LAN). Choose this connection if your computer is connected to an IPX compatible network and configured to use an IPX Protocol (check with your network administrator)
  • TCP/IP (Internet/LAN)
TCP/IP is a network protocol that is also commonly used on many LANs and is also the native protocol used on the internet. Select this protocol if your computer is connected to a TCP/IP compatible LAN or the internet. See enclosed internet information card for more information about playing on the internet. --This card comes with Outlaws and is orange colored--
  • Modem
Select this to play a head-to-head game over your 14.4kbps or higher modem
  • Serial
Choose this option to play a head-tohead game between two computers over a direct serial connection. To do this you need a NULL modem cable (or serial cable with a NULL modem adapter) connected to a free serial port on the back of both computers

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Yes to win you must have strategies - tactics and techniques of winning over the enemy. The following strategies are varied, and you may choose whatever you like to form your own kind of  strategies.

Hint: Don't give away your secret strategies/techniques on a website or to another player. They'll use them against you and/or exploit your weaknesses!

1. Stealth
You know how this goes. Instead of running out into a potential deathbed, quietly and slowly approach your enemy and/or his/her typical territory. Make sure to always look for cover, just in case your enemy spots you. Just be really careful, slow, and quiet. Hiding in dark areas that you can blend in with is also a good idea. Cloak yourself in shadows and/or dark areas at night.

2. Know The Level
So you've just begun what could be an awesome match among a several players and you think the whole area is one advantage to you. Think again! You'd better know that level like your palm. Make sure you  can remember where the key areas are - areas that may host a battle most often, areas that harbor a certain weapon or ammo stashes. If you know the level quite well, and if you're enemy doesn't, you'll have quite the advantage over him/her.

3. Know Your Weapon
I like the pistol. To me it means power and "oh god my eye I lost my eye!". But the truth is, the pistol has a short range. Therefore, a rifle would be better suited for those long range shots. Don't do something stupid like try to snipe a guy a mile away with a pistol. He/she will just hear you and know you're onto them. Use a rifle and if you have a scope, aim for the head! Get the idea? Know your weapons. For instance, before playing multiplayer, go to Historical Missionsand choose Marshall Training. Try out all the weapons. Fire them from different ranges. Notice the spread of each shotgun and how they may differ. Your weapon is your best friend when someone wants you dead, so get to know them all! Even the fists and knive!

4. Know Your Enemy
Let's say you're playing as Marshal Anderson and you're enemy is Dr. Death. You cannot just assume "oh he's a bad, bad guy" after watching the in-game movies. Try each character out in multiplayer and spot their weaknesses and strengths. Also, watch the enemy. Notice his personal strategies so that next time you go into a fight with him, you may know what to expect.

5. Don't Get Cocky
Hey I admit, sometimes I get a little cocky. "I'll beat j00!" Yeah well that doesn't always happen. Don't ever, ever forget this: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!
If you lose, so what. Get back up again and go in stronger. Everyone wins and loses, including your enemy. Even the best Oulaws sharp shooter out there has lost and is bound to lose again. Just don't get cocky.

6. Use Roofs
Yes you read right. Use roofs. If you can get on top of a building, that's great because then you can snipe off the opposition. Move around a bit too, don't camp in one spot because if the enemy figures out exactly where you are on that roof, they'll take you out quicker than you can reload a Pez dispenser. Always watch your back too.

7. A knife is a great weapon
So you may not think high of the knife, but it's better than you think. Scenario: There is an enemy ahead of you to your left, not facing you. You could:

A. repeat-fire your pistol
B. snipe his head with the rifle and scope
C. stick him with the knife without making a loud noise that would alert him and/or other players.

The obvious wise decision here is C.

8. Don't camp...
...unless you absolutely must. Camping is a term for when a person stays in one spot the majority or all of the game's time and usually uses the most powerful weapon or sniping weapon. Thus, he usually gets a lot of kills - but is a coward because he hides all the time. Genereally, campers are not looked up to. They're looked down on. (hint, hint)

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Online Hosts

Here is a list of links to online hosts to play Outlaws multiplayer on the internet.

-Microsoft's Zone

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