November 26, 2001
Whoah! Don't leave too fast, I apologize if any of you have lost interest because of the lack of updates for a month and a half now. I haven't been busy or anything, just lazy with this site. Meanwhile I finished my homepage and kept thinking about The Smokin' Barrel and how any loyal visitors must feel. I know it really sucks when you go to a favorite site and nothings new and you're simply tired of seeing the same old crap over and over again.

Well I want to keep this site going, I don't plan on taking it down. MAYBE if we're all real fortunate, a redesign with the long overdue updates. But then again what's my motivation to totally redesign? I'd rather wait that option out. Meanwhile my lazy ass has to start updating this what what I intended to.

I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! I get no love! C'mon! Send an e-mail, what do you want on the site, what do you miss? TELL ME! I know there aren't that many Outlaws fans out there anymore, but those that ARE out there, you gotta stick around and keep in touch with me as well. I couldn't have said it any better.

October 24, 2001
Ah well it's been awhile but hey, I have to let y'all faithful visitors know that I have some updates on the way! So stay tuned and hey, drop me an e-mail sometime! Anything related to the site and/or Outlaws, or anything you think should be posted on the site!

October 12, 2001
Created my Outlaws desktop theme, version 1.0 - available now in Downloads section!

October 12, 2001
Currently working on an Outlaws desktop theme. Stay tuned!

October 11, 2001
I have some plans in mind for the site. Currently, the site takes up 10.4 MB out of 50 MB on my server, so there is definitely room for additions. I'm considering making the Secrets and Walkthrough areas more developed using images too. Also, I'd like to address multiplayer problems, including lag, and how to improve your internet play. The big motivator in this decision was just last night when I was playing a game with 3 other people, and I lost a good amount of the match because of the slowness induced by lag. So now it is my duty to inform you, and myself, how to improve upon this deadly (no pun intended) enemy. I also have a distant vision, that the site graphics just may become a bit simpler and not so "at home" with the subject matter. The factor here is because I see the header and footer images take too long to load. Yes, I have tried reducing them to 16 colors, but then they won't blend with the background behind this text. I'll figure it out soon I'm sure, but I may go for something simpler.

I'm glad the site is recieving some good comments. Thank you.

October 10, 2001
Wrote a review for the game

October 9, 2001
Added links to bottom of pages (thanks Sludge01)

October 8, 2001
Began this site

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