I'd have liked to made this page feature a plethora of downloads, but as of now I'm restricting it to 'special' downloads and links to pages that feature extras. Perhaps someday I'll upload tons of files to my server, but for now - here is what I have. Don't hesitate to check out the other pages linked here.

You'll need Win Zip to unzip these files. You may download Win Zip here. To learn how to use Win Zip, click here.

If any links are not working, please let me know!

My Outlaws Desktop Theme(s) New!

Version 1.0: Two 640x480 wallpapers, event sounds, one cursor. 419kb

My Crosshairs
Click on a crosshair to download it. When done, rename it to croshair.nwx and place
it in your Outlaws folder (that contains the actual program)
NOTE: the teal color is transparent in the game

For official Lucas Arts patches for Outlaws, go here

Hypersnap - a great screenshot utility. Registered users won't see a small banner on their screenshots. 2.47mb

Outlaws Level Manager - program to manage levels you've installed. 207kb

NWX Editor - edit Outlaw's .nwx files - for example, to create crosshairs, edit enemies, weapons, etc. 181kb

Con Man - extract Outlaws files (like .wav sound files) 158kb

Outlaws No-CD Crack - allows you to play Outlaws without keeping in the Outlaws cd's themselves, perhaps if you want to put in your own music cd(s) 2.78mb

Lawmaker - (beta/testing version) make your own Outlaws levels! 507kb

Lawmaker Help - need help with Lawmaker? Get this file. 226kb

Level Information Template - you know those text files that come with levels, detailing about the author and their level? Well here's a template to work off from to put in your level information (I love doing these things!) 974b

Utility Help
Be very happy that I am willing to help you with some of these utilities. The following are text files. To save a file, right click on it's link and choose "save target as". 

- Hypersnap 1.96kb
- NWX Editor (how to make crosshairs) 2.45kb
*IMPORTANT* This help file requires you to download a sample crosshair.
Please click here to download it. 803b
- Con Man 1.48kb

For an extensive list files ranging from drivers, 3D card overclockers, utilities and more, go to The Outlaw Dad's file page here
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