Well I am calling the site quits. I've lost any interest in it. Not the game, but the site. It doesn't get so many hits anymore, and I don't take part in the slow Outlaws forum... so this won't be updated anymore, but will still be availabe. It's been fun though! Thanks for the support, people. Much appreciated.

Sincerely, J.L. Kohli
3:18 AM, December 24th, 2001

Welcome to The Smokin' Barrel, a website all about the first person shooter game "Outlaws". Browse the site for strategies, files, walkthroughs, and much more. After you've done a thorough look at the site, please sign the guestbook with your thoughts, comments, and suggestions for any future site revisions. If you have any questions or other areas that you'd like to contact me about, simply e-mail me: justinkohli@yahoo.com

Note: This site is not a multiplayer posse site, it is not a harbor for tons of downloads, it is not a level review site. It's simply a site about Outlaws, for all you fans. Perhaps in the future things will change. But for now, how the site is, fits my patience and will.

Thank you very, very much for visiting the site. All you Outlaws fans keep coming back and let's keep the site alive!

J.L. Kohli

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