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Viewing Thumbnails
As you should already know, a thumbnail is a smaller image of it's bigger image. This is so you can see multple images at once, quickly, without having to open each single image to see what it looks like. In ACD See, there are a few things you can do with thumbnails.

1. Converting
It's well advised that you convert an image from .JPG, to .GIF. Why? Below is a chart which details differnt conversion options for the 2 most popular web formats, GIF and JPG.

256 maximum colors millions of colors
16 minimum colors 16 minimum colors
various shades of gray, or black and white various shades of gray, or black and white

It's a known fact the more colors an image has, the longer it takes to download. So you can see why going with .GIF is best. The problems with .JPG are that it squeezes an image's file size down, and it LOSES QUALITY - sometimes you can see blotches and blurry spots on JPG's. On GIF's, you see more or less, dots.

"Which is best to use for photos?"
Great question. Many use JPG simply because it can support so many colors. But I advise using .GIF because it simply takes less time to download.

Before showing you how to convert, I'm going to take an image and show it's color differences. I took a .GIF image and dropped it's colors:

This image is 256 colors, and .GIF

It's file size is 24Kb

This image is 16 colors, and .GIF

It's file size is 13Kb

Now you can't see much of a difference between 256 colors, and 16. But notice the file size difference. It's about half the size. This is a good thing. So when in doubt, try converting an image from 256 colors, to 16. If you don't like the results, you can undo this. Read on to find out how to convert images.

Converting Images

1. Select your image's thumbnail
This can be any image format - a .JPG, a .BMP, or any kind of image that is NOT .GIF

2. Right click the thumbnail...
...and choose CONVERT

3. Choose .GIF
Look at the image below, to learn the final process of converting.

4. Finished
You should now be finished converting the image. Proceed on to learn how to enhance the photo, such as CROPPING and DROPPING COLORS.